The web interface to the European Integrated waveform Data Archives (EIDA), is accessible via the centralised EIDA web pages hosted by ORFEUS:


The SED continues to maintain a local server for seismic data at:


offering access to the following data:


open access to all open data recorded by the Swiss networks at ETHZ

- Swiss broadband and strong motion data, Swiss GLISN stations in Greenland -

(also available from the EIDA interface)

restricted access to project data collected by the SED/SEG

- mobile network data from e.g. Bhutan, Swiss and Greenland glaciers; temporary Seismic Networks associated with induced seismicity -

(not available from the EIDA interface)

restricted access to stations operated by neighbouring Seismic Networks and monitored by the SED in realtime in order to improve detection and characterisation of ongoing seismicity

(these stations are generally openly available from the EIDA interface)


The web interface is originally developed at GFZ Potsdam for EIDA.